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Our team of trusted technology advisors helps midsize organizations that are experiencing challenges related to technology, the processes required to sustain technology, and the people managing those processes. We assess, design, implement, and support cost-effective solutions to help businesses flourish.

What we do

With a focus on business outcomes, we offer consulting and managed services to address technology pain points and priorities, helping mid-market organizations transform the way they leverage technology to support business growth.

how we do it

We identify, design, and implement strategic solutions to address not only technology, but also the people and processes required to sustain technology. We do this by leveraging experts, tools, and proven systems appropriate for your unique needs.

Why we do it

We find fulfillment in working with executives and the employees they have stewardship over to enact change, improving the lives of every employee and thereby promoting organizational growth, retention, and sustainability.

Our mission at Blue Tree Technology Group is to harness the power of technology for the success of midsize organizations, ensuring they're equipped, enlightened, and always evolving. Empowerment through expertise - that's the Blue Tree promise. 

BLUE TREE's solutions to
common challenges



About Blue Tree Technology Group

Lacking Confidence

"We have great people in our IT department, but I'm not confident they have the experience or expertise to take us into the future."

"As I look into the future, I'm not confident that the technology we use today will help us remain competitive."

About Blue Tree Technology Group 2

Optimal Confidence

In addition to assessing and validating your existing IT personnel, we have an extensive network of subject matter experts we can leverage to fill capability gaps. Additionally, our team of industry advisors are constantly researching the most up-to-date tech, preparing them to recommend best-fit solutions to support your growth.

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Undefined Strategy

"We do not have a clearly defined tech strategy to support our organization's goals for the future."

"We have a general idea of how we want to transform our technology, but we don't have clarity on the personnel or budget resources required to be successful."

Optimal Strategy

After first understanding your organization and assessing your needs, we develop strategic roadmaps aligned to your business's vision. These roadmaps convert intentions into actionable plans, ensuring every aspect is taken into consideration, including the budget and personnel required for success.

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Insufficient Processes

"Our internal processes and procedures are outdated."

"Some of our most critical procedures live in one person's head, posing risk should they become unavailable."

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Optimal Processes

We develop, modernize, and optimize policies, processes, and procedures, ensuring they are documented, repeatable, and effectively meeting the demands of the organization.

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Stagnant Procedures

Relying on outdated methods can significantly hinder growth and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital world.

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Refined Procedures

We modernize and optimize processes, ensuring they meet the demands and challenges of the contemporary digital age.

About Blue Tree Technology Group

Inadequate Tools

"We know what we want to do, but we don't have the tools to do it."

"We have inefficiencies across departments because we can't share data between disparate systems."

Optimal Tools

We help you through the process of identifying and validating the tools your organization requires to be successful, and oversee the implementation and integration of those tools.



  • Growth
  • Downsizing
  • Pivots
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Cost Inefficiencies


  • Antiquated Systems
  • Security Gaps
  • Disparate Systems
  • Transformational Initiatives
  • Cloud Initiatives
  • Performance Challenges
  • Limited Reporting Capabilities


  • Lack of Personnel Resources
  • Lack of Experience & Expertise
  • Changes in IT Leadership
  • Declining Confidence in IT Leadership


  • Challenges in Service Delivery
  • Lack of Strategy and/or Roadmap
  • Challenges in Vendor Management
  • Gaps in Policy and Process