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We help you make the best technology purchasing decisions for your business at the right time and for the right price. Our team of industry experts will help you identify and evaluate market-leading options for consideration, followed by successful negotiations, ensuring aggressive terms are achieved.

Procurement Services - Blue Tree Technology Group

In the ever-evolving world of technology, making the right purchasing decisions can be daunting. At Blue Tree, we simplify this process. Our Procurement services are designed to ensure that you not only get the best technology solutions but also derive maximum value from them.

Strategic Acquisitions, Maximum Value

Successful Procurement encompasses experience, expertise, structured processes, market knowledge, negotiating prowess, and the coordination of multiple individuals and parties coming together in collaboration.

Below are just some of the Procurement services we offer.

  • Templated Processes
  • Industry Research Analysts
  • Formal RFI/RFP Documentation
  • Market Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation & Scoring
  • Contract Negotiations

In the complex world of tech procurement, making informed decisions is crucial. Our Procurement services are designed to provide you with insights, ensuring that your tech investments align with your business objectives and offer maximum ROI.

Our approach is meticulous. Following a formal assessment and during the development of strategies impacting technology, we may identify gaps in experience, expertise, functionality, security, and/or sustainability. Our expert team of industry advisors goes to market to identify and evaluate the best options for consideration.

Our methodology is transparent. We employ a proprietary scoring methodology to use with the short list of vendors we engage with on your behalf, ensuring that the products and services you choose are the best fit for your organization. Our expert team of industry advisors assists in every step, from market evaluation to aggressive contract negotiations.

Stay ahead of the tech curve with Blue Tree.

Find out how we can support the successful implementation of new products or services through our Project Management services.