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Hi-tech Security Firm

In the realm of high-tech security, the stakes are always high. Discover how a pioneering security firm, faced with outdated infrastructure and pressing market demands, embarked on a transformative journey to modernize and streamline their operations, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry.

High-tech Security - Implementation Management Blue Tree Technology Group

Client Profile

Industry Segment: Hi-Tech Security

Founded: 1982

Employees: 500

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area

Market Presence: Global

Specialties: The design, installation, and management of physical security systems

The Challenge

Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure

Antiquated telecommunications infrastructure was causing performance issues, in addition to go-to-market delays related to change management and growth. Following the support of a formal solution assessment, design, and contract negotiations with modern 3rd party technology vendors, Blue Tree remained involved to address the client’s concerns of a lack of resources with the time, experience and expertise to manage the implementation of the newly designed complex solution.

High-tech Security - Implementation Management Services - Blue Tree Technology Group
High-tech Security - Implementation Management Services - Blue Tree Technology Group

The Solution

Seamless Tech Integration & Oversight

Blue Tree’s Procurement practice provided subject matter expertise to the corporate I.T. team to help with the evaluation, purchase, negotiation, and  implementation of multiple new technologies and vendors involved with the initiative, including:

  • Oversight of procurement, configuration and deployment of all new devices required on customer premise

  • Oversight of procurement, configuration and implementation of all new WAN circuits globally

  • Coordination of all engineering activities related to configuration and testing

  • Management of the decommissioning of all legacy infrastructure and services

The Results

Revitalized Operations & Swift Delivery

  • Kept all personnel and organizations on track and focused

  • Met aggressively timelines, reducing cost in antiquated infrastructure negatively impacting the business

  • Improved user experience by ensuring all success criteria met

  • Enabled client employees to focus efforts on core business activities

High-tech Security - Implementation Management Services - Blue Tree Technology Group